Winter Crafts

Snowman Candy Jar
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#0027 Snowman Candy Jar

Measures 14 inches tall. Made from warm & natural and black felt hat. Decorated with mini pine cones and sprinkled with snow flakes. (candy included)

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Holiday Snowman
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#0033 Holiday Snowman

Snowman measures 20 inches tall. Made from warm and natural. Decorated with rusty bells for buttons and holds a silicone light, gingerbread, candy cane and greenery.

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Ginger Gal and Baby
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#0059 Ginger Gal and Baby

Measures 22 inches tall. She is wearing her red homespun dress with mini ginger print apron and holds a baby in hands.

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Christmas Santa Make-Do
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#0116 Christmas Santa Make-Do

Christmas santa make-do measures 18 inches tall. Made from red felt with fur trim on front and around arms. Decorated with rusty bells and sack is filled with greenery

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Lighted Santa Shelf Sitter
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#0157 Lighted Santa Shelf Sitter

Measures 7”h x 4” w. Santa sits on a wood base and comes with a grubby battery operated light. His body is hand painted and decorated with sheep fur trim and a grubby hang tag that states "Ho-Ho-Ho".